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Bearings for Home Appliances

Top 5 Ways KG Bearings Can Help Grow Your Business in 2018

1. Quality Policy

We at KGI are committed to providing engineering components of high precision and performance to our global customers. Keeping creativity in mind, aggressiveness in business and active team participation in all our business activities, we strive to.…

How to Choose Right Type of Bearing to Avoid Unnecessary Costs?

Performance and service life of any machine or equipment is directly related to the performance of Bearings used in it. There is no standard rule of Bearings selection for different applications. To avoid unnecessary costs & loss of machine time, a systematic effort must be.…

Bearings Classification and why is it important?

Classification & Types of Rolling Bearings

History of Bearings

The idea of using a Rolling Element to move heavy items dates back to ancient Egyptians, who used logs to roll their large stone blocks closer to their Pyramid construction sites.The earliest Bearings were manufactured using Lignum Vitae, a very heavy, hard & natural oily.…